Office Cleaning

We implement flexible, transparent and tailor-made Office Cleaning solution that helps Companies to reduce costs.

Office Cleaning Services

Need a part time cleaner? Or a full time office cleaner?

From Small Offices with just 2 employees to Large Offices, we are able to meet your cleaning needs at a very competitive price! We quote according to the frequency and duration of cleaning you require.

The typical office phone contains more than 25,000 germs per square inch!


Carpet Cleaning

Always engage a professional carpet cleaning company. Our years of carpet cleaning experience in Singapore ensure that your carpet looks and smells GREAT after cleaning is done! Our carpet cleaning process is a combination of non-toxic carpet detergent with deep carpet extraction.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We regularly advise our clients to clean their carpets at least once a year. 

Beside carpet cleaning, our carpet cleaners are also trained in upholstery (eg fabric sofas) cleaning as well. 

As a carpet cleaning specialist, we use special equipment tools and chemicals to restore your carpet and make your office carpet look as good as new!

Most often employees fall sick due to the dust and bacteria from the office carpet due to our shoes. Have the office carpet cleaned at least once a year to maintain your carpet and reduce the MC rate!


Tea Lady Services

The Tea Lady in the office is your chairperson of hospitality. The friendly tea lady provides beverages and light refreshments to your co-workers and clients. 

Our Services

Our Tea Lady jobscope includes assistance in preparation of meeting room (e.g ensure tidiness, prepare refreshments) and maintaining pantry cleanliness (e.g washing of cups, utensils and other pantry related items).

Our tea ladies are all proficient in English and are trained to be well groomed.

A Tea Lady humanises the office environment. Occasionally, she provides moral support and emotional encouragement to your staff!


Commercial Cleaning

Whether you require one cleaner at a single location, or a team of cleaners at various locations, we are able to provide tailored individual solutions for your business and budget requirements.

Commercial Cleaning Services

For commercial cleaning, we partner with building owners, shopping malls, condominiums and warehouses. Our clients also include yoga studios, gyms and learning centres.

We have a standardized approach which uses products, equipment, and methods that have been tested over hundreds of cleanings for effectiveness and health safety.

We also specialize in cleaning, waxing, polishing, repairing, restoring and protection of marble, granite and other natural stone, terrazzo, concrete, solid surface and quartz floors, countertops, showers and many other surfaces!

Owing to their frequency of use by different people, 25% of water cooler buttons are considered serious risk for the transmission of various diseases.


Facade Cleaning

Your building facade is the first image that clients and employees view when they step into your organisation premise. Be sure to give a positive image with a clean and well maintained building exterior. As they say, first impression lasts.

Facade Cleaning Services

We have a wide range of specialist cleaning equipment such as Gondola, Scaffolding, Boom-lifts and Industrial Rope Access that can access the most challenging window surfaces at any height!

Our Technical Facade Specialist will have a tour of your building and advise the best & most cost effective method for your building facade cleaning. 

Glass is a porous, sponge-like surface that will develop buildup of dust, dirt and various minerals over time. When these penetrate, it can cause staining and permanent damage.


Cleaning Supplies

Often times clients are not aware of the best cleaning procedures out there. We take the soft approach of educating our clients so that we can supply them with the necessary tools and knowledge. This alignment of expectations lead to client satisfaction as a result of constant feedback and communication, not just with our clients but also with our employees as well as our suppliers.

Our Services

As a 1-stop cleaning solution, we provide our clients an ease of mind as we supply the latest cleaning equipment and consumables.

From green cleaning products to the latest cleaning robotic machines, rest assured we are continuously learning and upgrading ourselves so as to provide the best cleaning service to all of our clients.

Our cleaners are trained to handle cleaning chemicals which comes with a material safety data sheet with spill-handling procedures.


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